Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sailing for Jesus Christ

Today the ELIDA V was in the marina. She is 40m long and the mast is 45m high!!!
She is built from composite and weighs only 95 tons. With a sail area of more than 800squaremeters she can do 20knots. COOL STUFF

The boat is holding groups of young people who believe in Jesus Christ but it does not matter to which church they belong.

Typically up to 40 young people are guests and the crew is around 12 to 16 people.

The boat is very spartanic inside but built very safe and fast.

The big Harken winches are operated by grinders and even the anchor is pulled up with them.

This is the meeting room below. It can also be used for company sails. Maybe one day we will have our management meeting there.

Here you can see Colin from Californa. He showed us around on the boat.

you can read more about this fabolous boat.

Roger at the steering wheel. Almost as tall as he is :-)

Check my big shoe size 47 against the winches and the traveler :-)

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